Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday tempo

Work week ended with a swift tempo session on a well known route. I've been using Strava for a brief time now and thus far only on a few sessions, but it seems to be a fantastic application. A lot of fun and useful analysis tools, and it is a social media at the same time, you may share your rides with friends. The app picks up road stretches under way and you can make your own PB:s on them and compare to everyone who has ridden them who also are Strava users. I have not had the time to study it in detail before, but after digging into it a bit more today I will use it more for sure! 

Today's ride on Strava

Tuesday swim session was a bit of a disaster as I realized myself being unrecovered. So, after two rest days, following notifications on today's ride: Speed is increasing slowly but steadily, and with it confidence is rising. Luckily the spring came perhaps a bit earlier this year so I have been able to log more miles than at the same time last year, which is fantastic. I am starting to after the winter break again coming used to my old steed, posture on the bike is getting better, more relaxed, cadence swifter and riding technique overall more economic as fitness grows. No more bad back or bottom aching (of course always some though). Good signs!

Tomorrow I am planning on a relaxed spinning session, and on sunday awaits a long ride, should break 100k finally for the first time this year. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Lovely easter

Easter gave a fantastic opportunity to both train and relax away from the normal. For the whole week it was just me and Tarmo our english bull terrier at home, as my wife was spending the easter in Finland visiting relatives and friends. 

Apart from thursday I think, the weather has also been fabulous, hence I and I guess most of us being busy with triathlon or cycling, have been clocking big hours in the saddle. My week also included a bit of running and a few gym sessions, so no super-long rides still but a few 55-70k rides and a total of approx 300k in the week feels good, not too much but enough for now. A lot of people have travelled to the south to Mallorca etc., and logged a lot bigger volumes, so we'll see some guys in impressive shape come summer's races, that's for sure!

Next weekend as I mentioned in my last post, there's a 10k race which I probably will participate in, despite having had some achilles aches last couple of weeks, and have thus reduced my running to a minimum not to do any more damage. It should get fine with a few more days rest. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Status quo?

Just as anticipated, end march-start april has been extremeley busy on the work front. That is the situation each and every year in the business I work, and the last three weeks has included some days with almost round-the-clock working and travelling. It is a minor setback for the training, and not optimal even recovery-wise as there were some loong days and a couple of late dinners... but that's life, and I guess common for most of us who are recreational athletes, so we just have to deal with it. 

In the limited time that I had the last two weeks I managed to get 4 hours of training in each. Not much but better than nothing. 

Status quo is: swimming I will continue to go on our club's tuesday sessions, not much more than that, bike volumes have to go up soon and quite a bit so, running seems to be fine, that I have the absolute most confidence in now. Even with a bit of inconsistancy in the training I have no problem in clocking quite fast km:s no matter the distance. In two weeks there is sentrumsløpet 10k run in which I am planning to participate, to find out a bit more of my speed reserves. I am confident to do very near the 40 min mark and will at least give a shot at trying to break that magic mark. 

The real season opener Hove triathlon is 62 days away, so time is running fast now. The objective is to start the season where I ended the last one, by making a new PB, now it is only a matter of some regimented training to be able to toe the start line knowing I am able to do so!