Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Standing still

Last couple of weeks have been terrible. Was in an ok flow with the training, when I made the stupidest gym session in a haste in the middle of a hectic work day. 45 minutes of circuit training with weights, and in one of the last deadlift repeats something in my back snapped. I immediately noticed it, and since it has happened sometime before, I calmly waited for the pain to come. Lumbago.

 This happened last tuesday and I was forced to rest of course. Lumbago symptoms ususally heal in 2-4 days, and rightly so on thursday I was already on the treadmill, although the pain was far from over. Exercise, albeit it may be painful as you do it, eases the symptoms afterwards. But they came back the next day. Saturday I still went for a bike ride, the first of the season, just could not resist it as the weather was perfect. The ride went ok, kept it shortish with approx. 1½ hours. But the next day I was dying from back pain again. So I have now had two days totally off, and it is driving me crazy to have had a few un-organized training weeks and now really low hours the last and this week. 

Today however, for the first day, the symptoms are almost all gone, and i shall go to our clubs tuesday swim session. Also swimming has not been on the schedule for about a month now, which really does not bother me that much, but of course I need to increase pool time significantly, but apart from that swimming should be the smartest form of exercise now for my back. 

Time flies by, and we are 3 months away from the first race at Hove triathlon, and only 5 months away from Kalmar Ironman, and it suddenly feels like a really short span of time. But if I get the back healed and the training back on track, with outdoor biking starting seriously, we should be just fine.