Wednesday, 19 February 2014

spontaneous 5k PB

Today I went to do a bike-run session at the gym, which was supposed to be an easy one, which it was, until I after some 40 minutes of pedalling went to the treadmill, aiming to finish off with a 20 min run. You know how it often goes.. in 20 min I can do 5k.. and the tempting thing on these treadmills is that there is a fixed "5k"- button.. so I  hit it and speeded up to 16,5 km/h at once. Off we went, sometimes when you just feel like it, you go. "I can make it sub 19min, can't I...?" It was a bit painful but I held on, had to adjust down a bit and then back up again to finish as strongly as I could manage, and finished off in 18:30. I have actually never done a 5k all-out test, so this is now my "official pb", albeit on a threadmill. Would be very hard on the street, on track it should be manageable. Have to try it at some point. 

This was maybe not ideal for my barely recovered legs.. but nice to have one power session made for the week. Rest of the week will be easier, with focus on sunday long run. 

I have been thinking to try a spring marathon at Holmestrand marathon, which is 6 weeks from now. I may not be in record shape but very close. The smart thing to do would be to just run it as a long training session sub-4 hours, did that 2 years ago preparing for Ironman Nice and it worked great. So let's see what the following weeks bring and we'll be smarter about that!

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